Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere Marittimo, Calabria


  • Location: Belvedere MArittimo, Calabria
  • Size: 73.000 sqm
  • Facts: swimming pool with sea view, private beach, 1.150 beds accommodation
  • Price: 56.500.000 euro

Four Star hotel complex on the sea, private beach, monumental swimming pool... unique.

The property

This 4-star hotel complex consists of three parts: the first building is located on a hill overlooking the sea which extends over approx. 45.000 sqm (consisting of a hotel and many detached apartments). The second part is located on the seaside and consists of two resorts, one develops as an amphitheater around a central pool, and the second one is located just behind it. The two, combined, stretch on a surface of 28.000 sqm and have a total accommodation of approx. 1.150 beds.

How to get there

Airports: Lamezia Terme 100 km